Sunday, June 14, 2009

$1000.00 Limited Edition Deluxe Packages

The bargoons just keep on a-comin', friends. For $1,000.00 you will receive the $250 package (duh), a specific shout-out in the liner notes, AND one of the options below (TWO of each available):

(1) Songwriting Workshop: A private 2 hour session. You bring us two or three songs, and we'll go over them with an Undesirables comb, giving you honest and helpful feedback from our perspective as a song-writing team. (only TWO Songwriting Workshops available)

(2) Book Sherpa: Corin will take you on a book-trolling expedition, to his favourite new/used bookstores in Toronto, and he will find you the perfect book. He will use his supernatural Book Sense to locate the book that has been looking for you, and/or the appropriate title for any friends/family to whom you'd like to make the gift of a compelling read (non-reading friends/family especially welcome). Corin will inevitably fill your shopping bag (or at least your to-read list) with the books that have most inspired the songs of The Undesirables. This expedition will conclude with an organic juice, and a well-deserved languish on the rattan-furnished porch at Casa Undies, in order to leaf through, and be further seduced by, our respective purchases. (only TWO Book Sherpas available)

(3) Vinyl Expedition:
The Undies will take you to Paradise Bound, a fantastic record/CD shop in The Market, and/or down to Queen St. West (Rotate This, Neurotica), and out east to Ric's Basement at Queen & Pape (this place is a treasure trove!). Sean and Corin will take you on an analog/digital troll, to look for the missing pieces in our/your music puzzle. Folks are always asking us what our influences are, so lets go on 'The Undesirables' tour (...we're your private sherpas.. we sherpa for money...). This expedition includes, and concludes with, an organic juice, and a listening session in the kitchen of Casa Undies. 'Casa Undies' might give you the wrong idea. It's not that kind of party. It's just where we live. (TWO Vinyl Expeditions available)

LE Deluxe Options:
T-shirt Sizes:
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