Sunday, June 14, 2009

$500.00 Limited Edition Packages

For $500 you will receive everything in the $250 package (hail of derision, gauntlet of jeers, etc.), a special mention in the liner notes of the album package, AND one option from the list of veritable roller-coaster excitements offered below:

(1) Cinema Safari: Go to the movies with The Undies! Let's sit in the flickering dark together and be transported to that Other World. We'll take you to our favourite shawarma place, and to a rep cinema showing something that promises to transport. Shawarma, baclava, movie, popcorn, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, on us. (only TWO Cinema Safaris available)

(2) Dinner on Spadina w/The Undesirables: Join us for our favourite chinese food. Let's go somewhere with pigs and ducks hanging in the window! Let's eat spices that make our scalps prickle. Mmm. Whatever you like to eat, I think Spadina's got you covered. If you like sweet and sour pork, you're really laughing. Our treat, right down to the orange slices and fortune cookies. (only TWO dinners available)

(3) Take in a Live Show with The Undesirables: Be our guests to a live music performance at either Hugh's Room, The Cameron House, The Dakota Tavern, or The Horseshoe. We'll pick a good one and the tickets are on us. A night of beautiful chaos (and inevitably Not My Dog), might ensue. We may cross the line. This night is not insured, and there are no guarantees that you will be able to function the following day. (only TWO available, though one may feel like four)

(4) A Two Hour Guitar Lesson with Sean Cotton: Sean will help you, one on one, to learn any Undesirables songs (or ANY songs) you want to get under your fingers. Includes an organic juice (this would be perfect the day after number 3) at Casa Undies. (only TWO Guitar Lessons available)

(5) A two-hour, Undies-style Tour of The Kensington Market: which includes a visit to our house, one of Corin's above-mentioned organic juices, and a curry chicken soup at Saigon Palace, or perhaps lunch at The Tibet Cafe. Or a roasted vegetable sandwich at Herbivore. We'll just follow the sidewalk. Our treat. (only TWO Market Tours available)

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